Vehicle design and multibody dynamics

Driving simulator – References

A fixed-base driving simulator, specifically tailored to the evaluation of the driver’s attention level, was developed. Considering mainly extraurban environment and monotonous driving with relatively low lateral accelerations, so far a fixed base simulator was set up.

Together with the hardware of the system, a faithful vehicle simulation model was developed. The simulator allows to acquire several data (model data and driver’s inputs) during drives, for further analyses.

The driver’s front view, which is projected on a flat wall screen in front of the driver’s cockpit, is reproduced with a threedimensional graphical scenario. The driver’s cockpit, together with the visual system and a specific simulator control desk are installed in the same room.

From the hardware point of view, the simulator is made of the following main elements:

  • the instrumented cockpit;
  • the control desk;
  • the visual system (single front screen and video projector);
  • the audio (2+1) system ;
  • four personal computers (PCs) communicating through a local area network (LAN).


Design of vehicle components and systems – References


Multibody simulations – References

Several mulitbody models are developed by our group in order to simulate the dynamic behavior of comlex systems and to predict and validate experimental data. Almost all the models are developed with MSC Software – Adams View.

Here are some examples of recent activities.

    • Multibody simulation of a crankshaft with flexible bodies


        • Multibody simulation and experimental validation of a scooter vertical impact


            • Determination of the cam profile in a valvetrain with multibody analysis


                • Multibody model of a Formula SAE vehicle – Understeer